Who is the Masked Magician?


There is one thing all magicians are really afraid of: that someone is going to discover the secrets behind their magic and reveal their tricks. In this aspect, the Masked Magician is every magician’s nightmare. He doesn't only reveal the tricks, he even performs them himself and then shows you exactly how he did it.

He takes tricks from magicians like Criss Angel, David Copperfield, David Blaine and Dynamo, performs them himself, and then shows us how he did it. He lets us see all the forbidden camera angles that make it clear how a trick was performed. With the Masked Magician, you can really be sure that his explanations are the real deal. If he didn't know how the trick was done, he couldn't perform it that well himself!

But there is one mystery that needs to be resolved: who is the Masked Magician? Who is this mysterious person behind the mask who openly shares the biggest secrets of magic with the world?

It turns out that this mystery also has a solution. The Masked Magician's real name is Val Valentino. His career in magic is pretty impressive – he was performing magic professionally long before he put on the mask and became the Masked Magician. This is not really that surprising, since its pretty obvious he is a masterful magician.

Why does he reveal all these tricks? Valentino says he does it because he want to inspire more young kids to start to learn magic and become magicians.

Here at Magic Secrets Explained we are certainly happy that he decided to share his immense knowledge of magic with the world. Some of us simply aren't happy until we understand how magic tricks are done. And for us, Val Valentino did a great job.

If you want to know the secrets behind your favorite magic tricks and illusions, check him out!

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