Walking down a Building


In this trick, Dynamo appears on the top of a pretty high building. To the surprise of bystanders, he leans over the roof and starts walking downwards! He walks down the entire building and then just walks away like it was nothing. People on the street are amazed and cannot figure out how he did it, since they saw no wires or anything similar which could hold Dynamo up.

Here is a video of this wonderful illusion. Take a look at it if you haven't seen the trick yet:



How does he do it? Dynamo uses the old trick magicians have used for centuries to create the illusion of levitation: he is on a wire! But how come nobody sees this wire? Well, for starters, the trick was performed at night, when it was very dark and the whole scene wasn't really visible well. Most of the spectators are also looking at Dynamo from below, so Dynamo's body helps to obscure what is happening above him too.

But even more important than this is the kind of wire he uses. It is a very thin, but nonetheless very strong wire, probably similar to what David Copperfield used in his levitation illusions. Wire that thin is hardly visible even in daylight, and therefore completely invisible by night.

The wire is attached to something at the top of the building, at an angle which enables Dynamo to walk down the building without fluctuating.
And this, dear readers, is how you walk down a building. You need no supernatural powers, just some really strong and thin wire.

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