Masked Magician


Most magicians are afraid that someone might reveal their tricks. They feel like this will destroy the magical feeling for their audience and make their illusions worthless.

The Masked Magician is not one of those magicians. This great illusionist is happy to share his secrets with the world. He doesn't only perform mindblowing illusions. Once he is done with the performance, he explains how he did it! So right after your mind was completely blown by one of his tricks, you are even more amazed when you find out just how he tricked you! The secret of the trick is usually where you least expect it.

Many magicians are upset about what the Masked Magician is doing. They think he is ruining magic by telling everyone the secrets behind his tricks. But the Masked Magician disagrees. He understand that some of us just need to know how the tricks are done. And if you don't want to know, simply don't watch his show!

The Masked Magician also hopes that his show will inspire more young people to learn magic tricks and become magicians themselves. We think he is a really amazing guy!

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