Bus Levitation Trick


One of Dynamo's best known public stunts is his bus levitation trick, in which he appears to be flying through London next to a double-decker bus, only mildly holding onto the bus with one of his hands. Hundreds of accidental spectators were shocked to suddenly catch a glimpse of a man hovering alongside the bus, cruising the city like the whole thing was nothing new to him at all.

Here is the video:


So, how did Dynamo manage to pull off this amazing feat? The solution is quite simple and pretty obvious once you really think about it – he used a fake arm. Notice how his right arm doesn’t really move or bend even slightly. That’s because it isn’t really his arm, but rather a firm metal rod attached to the bus, and disguised as an arm. His real arm is concealed under his clothes, squeezed tightly against his body. He wears a harness which is connected to the metal rod, and that is how he stays in the air. His legs and his left hand are of course free to move around, making the illusion more convincing.

The bus Dynamo is attached to is of course not a random bus he found in the middle of London. The bus driver knows what is going on. Dynamo didn’t just float up there, he was carefully attached to the bus, and only then the ride through London began. Same is true for the ending scene – he doesn’t just let go of the bus and levitate gently to the ground. It’s just a neat camera trick.

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