Masked Magician

Upside-down Girl


In this trick, the Masked Magician approaches a tall cabinet. There are two lovely female assistants, each standing on one side of the cabinet. He orders the girls to tip the cabinet upside-down to show it's possible. The Masked Magician then invites a third girl and orders her to step inside of the cabinet. He opens a small door at the upper front door of the cabinet, showing the girl's face and the upper part of her body. They close the door and put a red arrow on the cabinet to indicate the orientation of the girl inside. Then, they turn the cabinet again, so the arrow now points down. The girl should now be standing on her head!

However, it turns out that this is not the case. The Masked Magician now opens another door – the one which previously (before the cabinet was turned upside-down) covered the girl's feet. But surprise! We see her face again! It seems she somehow changed the position inside the really tight cabinet and is still standing upright.

How could this be possible?


The secret lies in the pedestal which helps the Masked Magician and the two assistants turn the cabinet upside-down. The pedestal is actually hollow and allows the girl to step into it through a hidden door. This gives her just enough place to make it through the whole trick. She is helped by the two female assistants who block the view so we cannot see her performing the necessary gymnastics.

Placing of the arrow is of course just clever misdirection.

For a more detailed explanation, see the video below. The Masked Magician first performs the trick and then show you how it's done.


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