David Blaine

Card Tricks


David Blaine is great at many things, but one of his specialities is card magic. When it comes to card magic, Blaine is simply one of the best magicians on the world. The flawless execution of his card trick is admired by aspiring magician all around the world.

Here, we provide you with everything you need to learn David Blaine's card tricks. We selected some of his signature tricks and collected them on one place. Below, you will find detailed tutorials that will teach you to perform card magic just like David Blaine. 

Are you ready? Let's begin!

In the first trick, Blaine lets the spectator pick a card. The card is then put back into the deck. With a quick movement, the deck shrinks! All the cards in the deck are suddenly red, except for the chosen one.

Lear how to perform this trick in this great tutorial:



Here and There

Blaine lets the spectator pick a card from the deck. He then goes through the deck and lets the spectator insert the card anywhere he or she wants to. Then just by a snap of the fingers, Blaine gets the card to the top of the deck again!

But the trick is not over yet. He places the spectator’s card away and pics another card for himself. He places his card on the top of the deck. He snaps his fingers again and suddenly the cards have changed places!

Learn to perform this great card illusion with this detailed tutorial:



The Shapeshifter trick

Just with a snap, David Blaine is able to change cards or transport cards from one place to another. How does he do it?

Learn in this quick tutorial:


The two Card Monte

In the two card monte, the spectator is asked to keep an eye on one of the two cards. After both cards are turned around, the spectator is shocked when he realizes that his card disappeared and was replaced by another one!

Learn this great little effect by following the tutorial. It first demonstrates the trick and then explains how the trick is done.


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