Killer Prediction Card Trick



This amazing card trick is called the Killer Prediction. The magician makes three predicitions by choosing three cards from the deck. He puts two of those cards on the table so anyone can see them, and places the third one face-down somewhere near on the table. The third card, for now, remains a mystery. That's the magician's "secret prediction".

The magician then cuts the deck a few times and starts dealing the cards on the table, one by one. He asks the spectator to say "stop" at any time. When the spectator says "stop", the magician stops dealing cards and puts the first perdiction inside the deck just where he stopped. He cuts the deck again and starts dealing cards on the table again. When the spectator says "stop" again, the magician puts the second prediction inside the deck too.

The magician then separates the deck into three parts based on where the spectator told him to stop. It turns out the naighboring cards are a match, and all the three cards that are on the top of the three piles exactly match the magician's third prediction!

Learn to perform this card trick with this video tutorial:

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