This is a collection of emails you guys have been sending to us (and some of our responses). The inclusion criteria is whether I "feel like sharing this with the world". Please note that all personal information have been omitted as well as all serious emails in general. The only emails we post here are the silly ones (and those where you say how awesome we are because that makes us feel good).

Doug Henning


yes, I do like this site and these guys are amazing. I was just surprised to see that there is no mention of Doug Henning. He was one of the first modern illusionists and I think most of these guys evolved from him. Maybe you're too young to remember seeing his work as he was popular in the late 60's and 70's and died some time ago.


Our reply: Thank you for your compliments Chris! We intentionally left out explanations of his tricks to surprise our older visitors.


Is there any product like a talisman or a spell etc, for being invisible?

Our reply: No

Untitled email 1

Hello!!, I am Mahir from Bangladesh ...... This website rocks , i love this site, actually i am not a magician also not a people who like to know how do they did... by the way love magic when i was 6 or 7 but dont know how they can did , when i was 10 i was buy pocket book about magic.. but i dont like to do or want to do magic...in this year you know a movie released name is now you see me, when i watch that blew me off i really love that movie, thats made me feel falling love with magic and i start to do magic and i believe that if i see old tricks explanation i can make trick whatever you rocks but i am just 15 and i can do just learned snap change.. ..... i have a question that is are you any famous magician like masked magician Val Valentino????

Whatever you rocked again you rocked and i will be very happy if you also give explanation of keith berry tricks

YOU ROckZ lol

Our reply: Hello Mahir! We are very glad that you enjoyed our website. I think it is great that you already learned some tricks and encourage you to keep improving your magic (and english) skills. We are not Val Valentino, but we are indeed famous.

Want to understand something

Sir your website is best............... literally the best................. I m very thankful to you........................... can you tell me explaination of Derren Brown Russian Scam............ where he asks about pleasure beach.............. how this magic happens....................... hope you are fine



Our reply: Hello Shawn, your website is best too! We are not sure yet whether we will add the explanation of this trick or not. We will let a coin toss decide. We hope you are fine.

Your site

You should change your site's name from magic secrets explained to "my ill-informed guess as to how tricks are done".  Everything I have read on here so far is WRONG.

Our reply: Thank you for your input! www.my-ill-informed-quess-as-to-how-tricks-are-done.com was our first choice, but unfortunately the domain name was already taken.

Derren Brown and Undertaker Trick

Thanks for your excellent explanation of this. By the way, have you noticed that right at the end of the trick Derren thanks the guy and says "that was Out of this World" - typical Derren mischief and giving a nod and wink to those in the know.
Best wishes

Our reply: Thank your for your email! Yes, we noticed that - in fact, it is our favourite part of the trick. We hope you are well!

Copperfield, Great Wall illusion

In your explanation of the Great Wall illusion by Copperfield, you fail to explain one thing: where did the assistant go? I think it is much more likely that there is no assistant, and Copperfield himself casts the shadow.  He then slips down into a hidden compartment in the box. Note that when the camera moves to the other side of the wall, there is no box.  The box, with Copperfield inside, is simply moved off-camera to the other side of the wall. Look carefully at the bars under the box - as the box rotates as they are moving it away, the perspective gets a bit weird - I think those are mirrors.

Our reply: Thank you for your feedback. We will put a thread about this on the forum and let the users decide =)

Derren Brown explanations

Just so you know, your explanations of Derren Brown's tricks are all incorrect. Look deeper into human psychology. Good luck.

Our reply: Just so you know, we have two psychologists in the team, who hold a world record for looking the deepest into the human psychology. Our mission is not to present the explanation that you want to believe or that Derren told you, but the explanation that is in our opinion the most plausible.


Nice website, very informative on the tricks you have listed.

one issue I do have though....it needs more of them! :)

Keep up the good work.

Our reply: Thank you very much =). We are glad you like it!

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