Pharrell Trick


Here, Dynamo does some neat tricks on Pharrell Williams, who simply cannot believe his eyes when he sees Dynamo performing amazing illusions with no apparent explanations.

First, Dynamo puts a mint in his mouth and then uses his necklace to get it back out – right through his neck!

Then, he turns his credit card into Pharrell's credit card!

And for the great finale, he makes one of the coins disappear from Pharrell's hand and appear under his watch!

By the end, Pharrell looks pretty freaked out. Check out the performance in the video below, and then we will explain how all the tricks are done.



How does he do it? We will look separately at each of the three tricks and reveal each one of them.

Necklace through neck trick

We already explained this same trick here. Basically, there is glue on his neck, so when he puts his necklace on the glue in sticks to his skin. When he rubs it, it looks like the necklace went into his neck. However, this is just an optic illusion caused by the glue. Also, the mint which ends up on the necklace is of course not the same mint that he ate.

Credit card trick

Here the explanation is simple. Dynamo used pickpocketing to get Pharrell's credit card. He then simply exchanged the cards in his hand using sleight of hand.

Coin disappearance trick

In this coin trick, Dynamo uses a technique called magican's choice. This techniques creates an illusion of a free choice. Pharrell thinks Dynamo disappeared the bronze coin because he picked the bronze coin. However, Dynamo would disappear the bronze coin regardless of what Pharell chose. Notice what actually happens. Dynamo asks Pharrell which one he perfers, bronze or silver? He doesn't actually ask him which one to disappear. So there are two options:

  • Pharrell says he prefers silver. In this case, Dynamo says something like »ok, then I will let you keep the silver ones, and I will disappear the bronze one«.
  • Pharrell says he prefers bronze (this is the scenario that actually happened). Dynamo says »ok, I will disappear the bronze coin«.

As you can see, whatever Pharrell choses, Dynamo can still disappear the bronze coin and make it look like he gave Pharrell a free choice. Quite a nice trick!

But how did he disappear the bronze coin and make it appear under Pharrell's watch? He didn't! He didn't put it into Pharrell's hand in the first place. The top silver coin was a gimmick. The bronze one sticks out of it, and when Pharrell closes his hand, it collapses inside the big silver coin.

And the bronze coin under Pharrell's watch? Dynamo put it there before the recording even began. It was there all along. Remember, Dynamo knew that he will 'disappear' the bronze coin from the very beginning.

Other tricks by Dynamo

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