Eric Jones Revealed

Eric Jones is a close-up magician who performed on the Season 12 of the TV show America's Got Talent. He uses sleight of hand to perform amazing magical illusions which leave the audience speechless and looking for an explanation. He can make coins multiply, disappear and teleport. He can make cards change colors and change places. He can make things pass through glass, and even pass through glass himself. He can turn bills into coins.

But can he really? Here, we reveal how Eric Jones performs his tricks. He isn't actually doing magic, he just has extremely fast and skilled fingers and a lot of practice behind him. Read our explanations of his tricks and let us know if you agree or not.

If there is a trick we missed and you would like to know how it's done, don't be afraid to write to us. We will look into it and try to explain it as fast as possible!

Eric Jones - Disappearing Coins Revealed

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