The Clairvoyants


The Clairvoyants are a magic duo from Austria. Their real names are Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass. They achieved world fame when they appeared in 11th season of the TV show America's Got Talent where they reached an amazing 2nd place in the finale. They also perform magic in many other places and events.

Their magic performances are focused on mentalism. Amelie appears to be able to read people's minds. She can reveal facts she couldn't possibly have knowledge of. Their amazing mentalist illusions create a special magical feeling for the audience.

Here, we reveal the secrets behind some of their greatest tricks. We focus on the tricks they performed on America's Got Talent. If you would like to read an explanation of a trick which we haven't revealed yet, please send us a request. We also appreciate the feedback you send us on our explanations. Do you think we missed something? Let us know!

The Clairvoyants - Jelly Bean Trick Revealed

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