Criss Angel

Table Vanish


Did you ever wonder how Criss Angel could simply step on a table and then vanish into thin air? It certainly is a very convincing illusion, probably one of his best. However, there is a completely reasonable explanation for it. The only way we can imagine Criss pulling this off is with the use of mirrors. Mirrors are often used in magic, especially when magicians want to get somewhere without being seen. And that’s exactly what Criss did. He simply jumped off the table and crouched behind the mirror.

However, there is a problem with this explanation. The girl who is watching him would almost certainly see Criss hiding behind the mirror. She is standing right next to the table and probably has a good view of what’s going on after Criss vanishes. So, how do we explain that? There is no way we could know this for sure, but she was most likely a stooge. Or can Criss Angel really vanish?

Here is a video of the illusion with a detailed explanation:

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