Masked Magician

Vanishing a Radio


In this illusion, an assistant brings a radio on a plate. The Masked Magician first turns it on to demonstrate that it’s a real radio. He then takes a piece of cloth and puts it over the radio. He grabs the radio through the cloth.

The assistant then removes the plate so the Masked Magician is holding the radio in the air, still covered by cloth. And then suddenly, the magicians throws the cloth away and it appears that the radio disappeared!


How did the Masked Magician vanish the radio right in front of our eyes? The trick is actually really simple.

The radio was fixed to the plate that the assistant holds in her hands. She doesn’t just remove the plate, but takes the radio with it too! Her good looks distract you from this sneaky move.

But how does the cloth keep the shape so it looks like the radio is still under it? There are actually two small plastic rods inside the cloth which enable this optical illusion.

See the full explanation in the video below.


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