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Steamroller Trick



In this terrifying illusion, Criss Angel first walks across a pile of broken glass, jumps on it a little, then lies down on it and gets run over by an actual steamroller. If you find that hard to believe, here is the video:



First, let's touch on the broken glass thing. We already explained how Derren Brown walked on broken glass, but Criss' technique could be different. As already explained, walking on broken glass really isn't as scary and dangerous as it may seem. And even taking that into account, there is also the option of using fake glass, which is what Criss probably did in this trick. Using real glass could make the core part of the trick somewhat dangerous.

So, let's now focus on the steamroller part. Notice that blankets are hanging from both sides of the steamroller, making it hard to see what is going on. Criss says: »We put blankets on the steamroller to prevent any potential debree from spraying the audience«. Sure. It has nothing to do with obscuring the view of what’s really going on down there.

To figure out how the trick is done, we must first consider the logical, but not so obvious question -why is there a carpet on the floor? There's no need for the glass to be put on a carpet and not simply on the floor. Is Criss afraid he will get dirty if he lies on the ground without his shirt on? No. The carpet is there for a single reason – to hide what lies beneath it. There is a hole in the ground under the carpet, and that’s where Criss’ legs and body go when the steamroller runs over them. The hole is most likely not completely empty, but filled with some kind of foam which enables Criss to lie on it, but gives in and adjusts to his body as soon some pressure is applied. The steamroller is guaranteed to stay at the same height as the floor, since it is much wider than the hole. Therefore, all Criss has to do is lay there as his legs are gently pushed into the soft foam. And, of course, scream like he is being burned alive, to make the trick more dramatic.

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