Basic Techniques

Balducci Levitation


Balducci levitation is a technique first described by Ed Balducci. It can be performed anywhere and requires no special preparation. With this method, the performer appears to levitate a few inches above the ground.


How it works:

The performer positions himself a little away from the audience. All audience members stand close together and have a similar view of performer's feet. They can see one whole foot but only the hill of the other one. It is very important to get the angles right.

When the performer is in the right position, he slowly starts to lift of the ground. To the audience, it looks like he is genuinly levitating for a few seconds before returning to the ground. However, this is what he really does: he lifts the whole visible foot, but only the hill of the hidden one. He stands on the front part of the hidden foot which is safe from the eyes of the spectators. This creates the illusion that both feet have lifted off the ground.

This is how it looks like when performed:


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