Masked Magician

Triple Threat


In this trick, the Masked Magician walks up to an empty pedestal. He invites two assistants to raise a large sheet in front of the pedestal. He does some magic hand movements and then signals them to put the sheet back down. When the sheet is lowered, a lovely lady is standing on the pedestal! How is this possible?

But the trick isn't over yet. When the lady gets down from the pedestal, the Masked Magician repeats the trick ... two more times! In the end, he has three beautiful ladies standing next to him.

How did he create them out of thin air?


This trick is done used some pretty clever technology. The pedestal actually functions as an elevator for the girls. It is hollow inside and enables a team of assistants to lift each of the girls through it. It opens at the top so the girl can then climb out and position herself on the pedestal. The sheet is then lowered, revealing the girl.

The bottom part of the pedestal also extends to create enough space for the girl. It is no ordinary pedestal but a cleverly designed gimmick!

See the performance of the trick by Masked Magician, followed by a detailed explanation:


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