America's Got Talent

Magic Performances



The best place to find amazing new magicians these days is the TV show America’s Got Talent. While they are still not as popular as singers and dancers, magicians are some of the most impressive performers. Sometimes, as with Mat Franco, they even win first place! Magic is definitely rising in popularity and every year there more amazing magicians performing on America’s Got Talent.

Here, we reveal some of the best magic tricks performed on America's Got Talent. As we said before, the show features many very talented magicians who blow the audience's mind with outstanding magical illusions. If you want to know how they do it, you've come to the right place!

We have it all: the unbelievable mind reading of The Clairvoyants, the funny but astonishing tricks of Mat Franco, the fantastic close-up magic of Shin Lim, the creepy horror of The Sacred Riana, the psychological illusions of Colin Cloud, the magical comedy of David & Leeman … and much, much more. We go through their performances, step by step, and explain every trick, technique and magic prop that they used.

If you would like an explanation for a trick we haven't revealed yet, feel free to write us a request. Also let us know if we perhaps missed you favorite magician!

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