Dynamo Magician Impossible

Hand through glass trick 


In this fascinating trick, Dynamo puts his hand right through what appears to be a firm, glass-covered showcase and pulls out a necklace, seemingly moving his hand straight through the glass without any apparent problems. If you are a regular reader of Magic Secrets Explained, you are probably already aware that this is nothing but a clever trick created to fool our eyes. But how exactly does Dynamo do it?

The solution is pretty simple. There is a hole in the glass! However, in the video, we see no hole in the glass. How is this possible? The reason why we don't see the hole is that it is very cleverly concealed. Did you happen to notice the mat on which Dynamo's left hand is resting? Why on earth is that there?


The answer is obvious: that's where the hole in the glass is! You see, the glass is actually movable. As long as we can see the glass on the spot where Dynamo puts his hand through, the whole glass is positioned so that the hole is under the mat. But after Dynamo conceals that area with his other hand, our vision is blocked and the glass is moved so that the hole is right under Dynamo's hand.

He then reaches through the hole, takes the necklace and takes his hand out again. Once his hand is out, the glass is moved back into the previous position, concealing the hole again. He then removes the hand that he used to cover that area and the glass under it appears normal, since the hole in it has already been hidden again.
The movement of the hole in the glass is concealed by Dynamo's left hand:


Who moves the glass? We can only guess, but there are two main alternatives:

  • Dynamo's assistant is hidden somewhere and moves the glass at the right time.
  • Dynamo moves it himself with his foot, using a mechanism built into the showcase. For example, there might be a pedal on the bottom which moves the glass to the right when pressed.

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