Criss Angel

Building Implosion


One of the most shocking stunts that Criss Angel has ever performed was his escape from a building which was being demolished. Criss was handcuffed on one of the balconies of the building and had to get out of handcuffs and then break the locks on multiple doors to get on the roof, where a helicopter was waiting for him to take him to safety before the building imploded. However, something went wrong and Criss did not manage to get to the roof. The helicopter had to leave without him to avoid the explosion. The last we see is Criss, still inside the building, trying to open the last lock on the door which leads to the roof. And then the time runs out, the cameras go out, and the building implodes and collapses. Everyone thinks Criss is dead.

But when the rescue team approaches the ruins, suddenly there he is, a little shocked and dusty, but alive! Somehow, he survived the building implosion with only a few scratches.

Take a look at this amazing video and then we’ll get to the explanation.



Of course it is impossible for a human being to survive a building implosion inside a building. So we can conclude that Criss wasn’t actually inside the building when the demolition began. But how is it possible that we saw him on the cameras, trying to get to the roof until the last second before the demolition of the building?

Well, it turns out that’s exactly where the trick lies. You see, what we saw wasn’t really live footage. It was prerecorded long before the demolition took place. The only real live thing we see is the part on the balcony, where Criss gets out of the handcuffs and then inside the building. When he gets inside, we start seeing prerecorded footage of him going towards the roof. What is really happening is that Criss is quickly going down and getting out of the building as soon as possible. While the audience is watching the prerecorded footage, Criss is quickly going to a safe place outside the building.

After the building gets demolished, Criss simply goes to pre-determined spot where he waits for the cameras to arrive. He puts some dirt and dust on himself in the meantime to appear as if he really survived the implosion.

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