David Copperfield

Vanishing the Statue of Liberty



In this amazing illusion, David Copperfield makes the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of live audience.

Explanation: Of course he didn't really make it disappear. It was a trick, but how was it done? He didn't move the statue, but could he move the audience instead? That seems quite an easy job compared to what he claims he had done. The platform with the audience could easily be turned into a wrong direction without the audience noticing it. When the curtain goes up, the audience is turned so that they cannot see the statue (or maybe they are even stooges and just act to be amazed). In this direction, there are lights set too, but without the statue in the middle. The helicopter moves to the new direction while it is hidden behind the curtain. Then the process is repeated and the platform is turned back so you can see the statue again.
Here is a video explanation of the illusion:

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