Criss Angel

Building Levitation



In one of his most famous illusions, Criss Angel levitates from one building to another in front of his spectators.


What is the most obvious way to create the illusion of levitation? You've probably guessed: He was on a wire! There are many ways in which this trick could be done, but this seems to be the most logical explanation. He is most likely carried by a crane or something similar. He is attached to it with very thin cables which are practically invisible due to the bright sky and the right camera angles. But wouldn't the spectators notice a giant crane right above them? Yes, they would. Fortunately for Criss, there weren't any real spectators around. All those amazed people you can see in the video are stooges, they were just playing along and acting astonished. Val Valentino, the Masked magician has performed a similar illusion using a crane. Here is his video explanation of the trick:

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