Criss Angel


Criss Angel is an American illusionist, musician and actor. Best known for his career in magic, Criss Angel gained attention with his show"Mind Freak" and his live show "Criss Angel Believe". He became famous for tricks and illusions like levitation, walking on water, mind reading and walking trough metal door. Here, we reveal the secrets behind his tricks and offer you complete explanations of the techniques Criss uses in his performances.

Ever since introduced to magic at the age of six, Criss Angel was determined to become a professional magician. Not long after, he was in Vegas, more famous than Harry Houdini and filming his very own magic show. Since then, Criss has achieved practically everything any magician could possibly dream of. He walked on water, flew from one building to another, vanished a Lamborghini, cut himself in half, survived a C4 explosion, got run over by a steamroller and even dated Holly Madison. Let’s see you do that, Masked Magician!

Criss has also written a book called Mindfreak: Secret Revelations in which he shares his views on life and magic and reveals some great magic tricks.

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