When it comes to magic, there are three types of people. This site is not for all of them.

The first type is the kind of person that magic is really being preformed for. This type just enjoys that feeling of wonder magic can create and loves to be fooled and entertained by it. Revealing the tricks to this sort of person would probably mean ruining all the magic for him or her. That is not our goal. If you think that knowing the secrets behind the tricks will make magic less interesting for you, please don't read any further.

The second type of person is someone who just has to know how it was done. If you can't sleep well for a week after seeing a magic show and you know you just won't be satisfied until you figure it out, this is the site you're looking for. You will get explanations of some of the greatest tricks preformed by the biggest magicians of our time.

The third type is a magician. If you are one, this site is for you too. You may already know some of the tricks and methods explained here, but you should still find something interesting for yourself. We will explain you how the giants of our art perform their most amazing illusions. If you are a beginner in the world of magic, we explain some basic techniques you should know about here. We also recommend you some great books on various topics concerning magic.

Keep in mind that we can never be 100% sure about how a particular trick was pulled off. The best we can do is give you the most rational explanation and let you decide for yourself. We don't claim we know exactly how it was done, but we can tell you how it could be done and how it was most likely done.
We hope your curiosity will be satisfied and your questions answered. Meanwhile, enjoy the magic.

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